Thursday, August 11, 2011

The run

Long time no post, but this is a 'no news is good news' delay. Toby is doing extremely well, we just got a full blood work panel done and Toby looks like, well, a normal dog. Some stats are on the shy side of normal but everything is in great range. He's happy, he's healthy and best of all, he's running! I used to run with Toby all the time, it was one of his favorite things. Sometimes I had to put on roller blades just to go fast enough for him. Seriously, 14lb dog can run at a clip of up to 15mph, he's that good. Well when all this went down you start reminiscing on all the good times, for Toby and dad, that was our runs together. We'd go, he'd take off, randomly smell something and make a sudden stop, I'd try to spin on my roller blades, fail, and then get the look from Toby as if to say "why are you laying down, we gotta go?" Then of course there is the at home afterwards when he runs over to Vero with a huge grin, super proud of himself. Next step, make a mess of the water bowl. Followed by trying to sit next to dad and realizing we both make each other hot, transferring to sit on the wood floor, then back to dad and repeat.

Well, Toby is doing so well that he is up for running a bit again. Not as much as he used to, but we're so thankful to have him that we couldn't care less. So off we go, Toby ran, I mean really ran, for three steps then realized he didn't have that level of energy, so trotted it out. He was loving it, until we got to the next street. The street is packed with other dogs, almost every house has at least one, and they love to bark at Toby. As we turn down the street, the chorus joins in and Toby, always one to play for an audience, let loose. We tore down the street with Toby showing off but not only did he want to run, he wanted everyone to see him run. He kept turning his head side to side, as if to look at the barking dogs and make sure they saw him. When we turned the next corner we slowed to a trot. By the time we got home he didn't have the energy to sprint the last little bit but it didn't matter.

Veronica and I are both so thankful. He's a great dog and a very special part of the pack. Speaking of the pack, Meg and Pepper are getting along much better, so much that we can now go on family walks and life around the lily room is much happier (FYI, lily room = LIving + famiLY room, since we both grew up calling it different things). Our schedules have changed a bit so during the week we get in the walk, our food, their food and then spend a little time just relaxing. 3 dogs, 2 people, 1 couch, love it!

We're heading to Rome in another week but when we get back Toby is transitioning to a home cooked diet that UC Davis put together for us. That transition may be interesting since his insulin needs may change but we don't want to leave him on kibble forever. We like kibble for treats and games but otherwise we'd rather use more nutritious, whole foods. We'll keep you posted!