Sunday, May 22, 2011


Lil Tobes is still working through the right drug setup. His PCV dipped a bit to 26 but that's still good so no cause for alarm. He's still on Pred but his sugar has been okay the last couple days. We need the azathiprine to kick in a bit more though, doc said that until his PCV gets over 30 he gets a daily infusion of cyclosporine, which takes 4 hours.

So on Friday his catheters were both shot, they got pulled. He had already had his infusion that day so he got sent home without a line in him, or, as the nurses put it, without his accessories. He did get a new line yesterday though, so we're back in business. Vero is home with the kids today taking care of the pack.

Pepper also got a new accessory on our last trip to the hospital. Pepper was rescued less than 2 months ago and weighed in at 15lbs, she was very malnourished. She was rescued by a good Samaritan who recognized that she had been abandoned and found her way to our happy home. With everything going on with Toby we were taking Pepper's improvement for granted, her demeanor had been improving and her personality was coming out. She officially got checked out yesterday and weighed in at 18.5lbs! She's still crazy skinny but she has some muscle tone, can stand on her hind legs and even has a bit of a giddy up in her step. She still has some skin issues, well, the seborrhea she'll always have, but she also has some bacteria. She's on antibiotics to clear that up. So her newest accessory is a pink fluffy sweater! It's cute, I have to admit and as one of the docs said, her femininity could use a pick-me-up.

One of the doctors asked is I was comfortable having a dog in a pink fluffy sweater..... My reply - "Not only have I walked a dog in a pink fluffy sweater, I've pushed one in a stroller." Our kids rock and if Pepper looks good in pink, rock on. If one of our kids is too tired to walk but still wants to sniff the world, we'll go for a ride in the stroller. We pretty much have all the great accessories. Which includes seat belts (, if you don't have one, get one. We have a couple tubs full of different sizes of leashes, toys, collars, seatbelts and harnesses. We even have a raincoat! So for the next week or more Toby also has his catheter, in stylish blue with a purple wrap, rock on lil buddy!

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