Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating the little things

Toby barked! His big sister, Meg, was out back explaining to a passing dog that this particular stretch of yard belongs to her and her pack. Toby, hearing pieces of this conversation from inside the house, raised his tail and trotted to the yard to add his two cents. Well, one bark so maybe just his one cent. This is a piece of him that we're happy to see. His PCV came back today at 26, which means, medically, we haven't made progress in a bit. The doctors are showing some concern, you see the quality of life that he has right now isn't one he would want long term. His energy level is still low and he spends 4 hours a day in the hospital getting his infusion. So doc is reaching out for some consults. We've tried all the main drugs, the next step is one into obscurity and they tend to be obscure for a reason. Efficacy, side effects, volatility, etc. The other option is to retry drugs that didn't work in a different way, but that has it's own set of issues.

We're staying positive, the moments when we see our Toby in his weak eyes remind us why we're doing this. He really is such a great dog, an amazing friend. Toby is our first dog together and for a moment in time our family was just the three of us. He's simultaneously a Momma's boy and Dad's lil dude, liberal with face licks and happy to accept a belly rub. Everyday we reaffirm our commitment to him, that as long as he wants to keep going we'll be his biggest advocates. The moments when he wags his pom-pom, the little jump he did this morning for food, the small trot he did when he heard us getting a harness out, we hope to see more of these.

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