Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 9

As John wrote earlier, it was Biscotti day. Other than that, it was day 9.

Toby was looking wonderful this morning. Eating well, drinking water. He is on all oral meds now, and he even moved to insulin injections rather than the continuous IV. His PCV is holding steady at 22%. We visited him a couple times and saw his internist early afternoon who said she hopes to send him home on Thursday as long as he stays on the current path he's on.

When we went to see him this evening he looked a bit more tired. Apparently he had vomited in his kennel, and he looked like he felt bad about it.

We told him it was ok, and that we'll move past it.

We just came back from our night visit and he was sleeping when we got there. He smelled us eventually and woke up to give us a nice big yawn

and tons of kisses

We took him out to potty (which he's doing about every 2 hours because he's still on IV fluids) and cuddled for a long time. He ate a few pieces of kibble which we hope he keeps down. His evening PCV was 23%, a slight improvement but we'll take it!

I go back to work tomorrow at the hospital so can sort of keep an eye on him. We're trying not to get too excited about the possibility of him coming home in a few days but we can't help it. John will take a few days off so he can still be monitored closely.

In the meantime we'll think happy thoughts and eat cake-like, good enough for junk food biscotti.

More tomorrow...

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