Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Update

Sorry for the lapse in updates, there really hasn't been much change for Toby. His PCV is still at 27 and he is still making daily trips to the hospital. The tough thing is that in his case, no news isn't good news. Despite the moments of wagging tail and face licks, most of the time he has very little energy. We're back again at the tough place of asking Toby how long he wants to go on...

One thing that is helping me through this is a book I started reading, Redemption by Nathan Winograd. Winograd is a champion of the No Kill shelter movement and while I read the first few pages with what I would call pragmatic skepticism, the passion of his writing has reminded me of why we're going through this. He notes that a major flaw in shelters is that they blame euthanasia of healthy animals on the public, faulting them for not spaying/neutering, seeking breeders and puppy mills over adoption and failing to provide forever homes. The reality, as he puts it, should be that anytime a health animal is euthanized, it is a failure of the shelter to advocate for that animal and find it a home. It has to be the role of shelters and SPCAs to fight for life.

We're vegans out of respect for life. Toby is in our home out of respect for life. We are fighting hard to save him out of respect for life. Living a life that exercises that belief brings me a great level of peace, even in the midst of this.

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