Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is there a cure

No, not in the sense that we can get rid of these diseases. That's why Toby needs time, so we can get him balanced. Toby's diabetes is regulated by insulin and diet. The IMHA will be drug regulated and closely monitored by testing. The tough thing right now is getting the balance. The drugs for the IMHA are Prednisone, Cyclosporen, Doxycyclin and Leflunemide. The Pred especially wreaks havoc with the diabetes and has created his current DKA, diabetic keto-acidosis, which is basically a flare up of his diabetes.

His situation is basically an episode of House at this point, we are trying to stabilize and regulate him to get our Toby back. We can see it in his eyes, he's actually a bit more there today than yesterday, but he's tired. We're with him day by day, fighting for him, and we know he's fighting to come home with us. That's why we're doing this, because Toby needs time. Time for us to get him regulated, to get the meds right, to get him balanced.

Thank you for your help!

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