Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 7

I visited Toby earlier this morning and he didn't look any worse than yesterday, but no better either.  I had a conversation with his internist who felt as disappointed as I was that he wasn't getting any better as fast as we would like.  Despite the changes to his meds he still did not have much interest in food.  I tried offering him boiled chicken and he turned it away.  I decided to give him time to relax and return in a few hours. 

Since then I've gone back another two times.  Mid-day he wouldn't eat.  But by this evening when I went he had!  Apparently a nurse walked by his kennel with a bowl of kibble tossing around and Toby perked up when he heard it.  So the nurse offered him kibble and he ate a handful of it.  I got there just a few minutes later to hear the news and also offered more chicken, he ate that too!

Still, the internist said she expects Toby to be in the hospital at least 4-5 more days.  And that's assuming he gets better from this point.  If he worsens I imagine it will add on even more days. 

John should be home soon and we'll visit Toby again.  Hopefully he will be eating and brighter than he was earlier.  Keep your fingers crossed (super tightly crossed!)

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