Friday, May 20, 2011

First day home (well, half day)

Toby did well overnight. The way his medications are scheduled, he gets a few meds at 8am and 8pm, but he's on his insulin 3 times a day (8am, 4pm, 12am). So we had to wake up at midnight to feed Toby and give him insulin. John and I also took turns waking up every hour to carry him outside to potty. We have a dog door so he can go whenever he wants, but he's so weak he doesn't make it all the way over there sometimes. He's peeing so frequently because he's been on IV fluids for so long. Hopefully this will be less frequent after 24 hours and we won't have to keep it up for much longer. Even with hourly trips outside, one of the dogs did have an accident in the house last night, and we suspect Toby.

We did have to take him back to the hospital today for an infusion of Cyclosporin since the oral version does not seem to agree with his stomach. We also did another PCV, coming in at 28%! Woohoo! We'll do this whole routine again tomorrow, and maybe Sunday too just to be sure everything is stablizing as it should be. By Monday his meds should kick in so we won't have to take him for infusions anymore.

Poor little Tobes has lost 5lbs since being first admitted to the hospital. At this point we're filling the bowl with food every time and he can eat however much he wants. Ironically we were just saying a few weeks ago that we needed to cut down his food some since he was just over 15lbs and looking like he carried some extra weight. Not that I'm in shape or anything, but diabetics especially have to watch their exercise, diet, and weight, and Toby is no different.

We'll be making a more batches of biscotti and biscuits over the weekend. If you have not asked your friends and family to buy some tasty treats to support a good cause, please do so now! Thank you all for your support!

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