Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lil by lil

There's a lot of negative on this blog. A lot of how hard it is to fight this disease, and how hard it is to fight combination of these two diseases. Toby isn't Toby. he's not the lil guy we love so dearly, but he is in there somewhere. Everyday we see a bit more of him, everyday we celebrate a bit.

He isn't our lil guy, he's not the boy we cuddle with all the time, but he is ours. He is in there somewhere and he is worth fighting for. We set small goals in front of us, small victories to celebrate. We celebrate the small things, the small moments. Toby barked today,it was small,but it was huge. His bark meant so much to us. It meant he was willing to fight for what was his, to fight.

We love these kids, we'lll fight for them. We love when they fight to be with us!

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