Wednesday, May 18, 2011

G'night lil buddy

Tonight is a "no news is good news" night because Toby held fast at 23% RBC (red blood cell) count. Given the last 24 hours, the crash of vomitting and the change in meds, holding the same is good. More than that, his demeanor this afternoon was great. One of his main doctors told Veronica tonight that she thinks we're the cutest couple. She's a great doctor, not just because of her education and patient care skills but because she always stops us and takes the time to ask us our opinion on demeanor and attitude. After all, nobody there knows his *isms better than we do. And we do let her know. For example, this afternoon I kept picking him up and putting him down because he was getting hot. Doc walked by and asked how I thought he was doing so I showed her how to tell the difference between hot and hot & happy. She told Veronica that she loves that we take the time to watch out dogs emotions, but really, how could you not. You live with them, share space with them. You sleep with them in the same room, which, if you value your sleep like I do mine, is quite a big deal. Our dogs have the right to disturb our sleep if something isn't right, and if they choose to do so we'll pay them the respect to check it out.

So, little bit tired but still very attentive tonight. PCV holding steady, which we're good with. Check the drug war posting from earlier and based off that direction we are happy to hold steady for a bit while the azathioprine kicks in.

We'll find out tomorrow but we are still holding out hope that Toby can come home. Maybe not, we'd understand, but the frequency of our visits the last few days show how much a positive attitude and environment help to the general well being. But why let us tell you, check out these!

Wait a sec, he isn't smiling when I'm holding him! Eh, whatev, I held lil dude for hours today so no worries. Besides, showing interest in his surroundings is big. Oh, soap box moment, just cause you're dog is well socialized does not mean the other dogs are. We love our kids, they rock, but the youngest adoption we've made was at 5 yrs old so we get plenty of well engrained behavior problems. We love walking our family cause everyone sees a couple attentively walking several dogs, often with a stroller for the seniors, and they say "it's okay, they're friendly!" They may very well be, but Toby, though we love him, is nicknamed "Mr. Marker" because he owns this world and your dog only gets to walk in it if Toby says okay. It was sad because when he first went in, he was in his cell and that was it, he accepted that as the depth of what he could keep track off. Now that he is feeling better he is looking around and surveying his situation, that's good. Earlier today a large retriever came in with a snake bite and toby actually made a move in his direction. Couple more days and Vegas will be putting together odds on the Toby V Godzilla battle, (smart money is on Toby in the 5th, Vegas will pick Godzilla but after studying hours of tape Toby will explout his weaknesses!).

Fingers and paws crossed everyone, hopefully tomorrow night we'll be blogging about how Toby's first night back home is going!

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