Monday, May 23, 2011


So we have a couple traditions and two of them converged today.

1) Thai Friday - Thai Friday came about when we lived in Chicago. Thai places are very vegan friendly and in Chicago there are tons that are not only great, but also BYOB with no corkage. Thai Friday was our weekly date night, a chance to focus on each other and our relationship, without dropping a ton of cash on the whole thing. For under $50 we could have a great night out. Now that we work odd jobs our schedules are different. As a result, Monday is our "Friday". Note, please don't confuse this with Thai Monday, there is no such thing, that's just crazy-talk.

2) Anniversary Pizza - We love pizza but finding a killer vegan pizza isn't the easiest thing and when we moved to Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco, we couldn't find an awesome vegan cheese pizza. So on our first wedding anniversary we decided to have some fun and make our own. It was awesome, so awesome that it's awesomeness revurberated into the future at a rate of 1 awesome per year and when that awesome comes around, it threatens to destroy the planet unless it is satisfied with matching awesome, thus balancing awesome..... uh, really we like pizza and making it together each year is a fun celebration.

Well today is our 3rd anniversary and Thai Friday, sooooooo

THAI-FRIDA-VERSARY-PIZZA! And you know what makes it even better
Toby has a bed next to the kitchen, he likes to watch us work and he was with us for the whole prep time. Family high five!

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